Concert in Valea Cetatii cave

Music and photography event

Music and photography event As May 1st is a day after the International jazz day I explore organizes a Musical May 1st . We invite you to the concert in Pestera Valea Cetatii (cave)fire camp and mulled wine, and whoever wishes may attend a photography workshop. The concert is performed by Academic Clarinet Quartet and [...]


Romanian traditions in the springtime: Martisor

Romanian traditions: Martisor Martisor celebration is symbol of spring time and fertility in Romania and Bulgarian tradition.  Martisor is a small jewel or decoration attached to a red and white string and it is offered during March ( “Martie” in Romanian). Today the custom is more commercial, men offering as “martisor”s to women al sort [...]

Piata Universitatii- Bucharest


Bucharest. Why a city-break? After highlighting general stuff  and  a brief history, I am going to say a few words about sightseeing places. Roads in Bucharest Calea Victoriei (Victoriei Avenue) Placed in the center of Bucharest-  from Victoriei Palace, meeting Dambovita river on the other end- it is and it has been the greatest attraction [...]

Palace of Parliament Bucharest. the second greatest administrative building in the world.


 Bucharest. Why a city-break? Back in time As I previously said, the legend behind Bucharest is a shepherd, named Bucur, here comes the name Bucharest (Bucuresti, locally) . Actually, shepherds are legendary figures in Romanian folklore and local legends. Romanian most representative folkloric  poem is “Little sheep” (“Miorita ” in Romanian), the story of three [...]

Black Church- Brasov Romania

Brasov – gate to Transylvania

Brasov  -  gate to Transylvania When it comes to Romania, most of the tourists associate Romania to Transylvania. Brasov is the closest Transylvanian city, situated at  around 200 km away from the Romanian capital- Bucharest.  The city has always been flourishing, along centuries being a referral of trade and crafts, mainly due to its position, [...]

Sapanta- Merry Cemetery- Maramures

Day trip in Maramures

Day trip in Historical Maramures Day trip in Historical Maramures departure from Baia Mare/Cluj Napoca Surdesti wooden church in 1721 one of the eight churches included in UNESCO World Heritage Circuit and highest wooden church in the world 72m Wooden church Budeşti – there is a collection of icons painted on glass. There is the [...]

Surdesti Church - UNESCO HERITAGE

Maramures and its places – I

 Maramures and its amazing places – I     I just came a while ago from Maramures, the most Nordic point on Romanian map and this  is an experience should be shared, but mostly to be lived. I went to find some accommodation to suite my taste: traditional, but still having good facilities. What started [...]

Cluj Napoca

Story like city: Cluj Napoca

Story like city: Cluj Napoca Cosmopolite, colorful, historical, University-based, relaxed, cultural, joyful ,  these are some of the attributes I find for Cluj Napoca.  They are not few, but still not enough to describe this Northern Transylvanian city. Places on Feleacu Hill, Cluj Napoca is always an attraction for any type of tourist. Even a [...]


UNESCO Heritage in Romania

UNESCO Heritage in Romania    UNESCO Cultural  Heritage Churches of Moldavia (1993) The Church of the Holy Rood, Patrauti The Church of St George of the former Voronet Monastery The Church of the Beheading of St John the Baptist ( Suceava,built by Luca Arbore) The three-apsed Church of St George, formerly the Metropolitan Church of [...]


Brukenthal National Museum- Sibiu- Baroque and Illuminism

Brukenthal National Museum- Sibiu- Baroc and Illuminism   [Spider_Video_Player id="1"] Watching this movie was made possible by Brukenthal Museum kindness. Copyright of this movie belongs exclusively to Brukenthal National Museum. Partial cutting or integral copying and redistribution is forbidden and subject to copyright laws. The only purpose that the movie can be redistributed is for [...]

"another bust to dust"

Parties for Bachelors and Bachelorette party

Parties for Bachelors and Bachelorette party   You feel like spending your last weekend of freedom in a new Destination? Why won’t you chose Romania. I believe for many of you Romania sounds exotic. Believe me, by choosing a pre-wedding party in Romania, especially outdoor or country side, you will have an amazing surprise. There [...]

Access Magazine about us

Access Magazine about us   Annie Makoff, British journalist in love with Romania and a good friend of ours now, wrote an article about her  and her companion  experience  in Romania with Corina Stefan, I explore – Unexplored Holiday ( presently IXPR) representative. Access Magazine is a UK magazine writing for people with special needs.

Is accessible tourism possible in Romania

Is accessible tourism possible in Romania?        In 2013 Liliana Nicholas, at that reporter at Radio Romania News, made an interview about how enjoyable can be a person moving wheelchair vacation in Romania. Liliana Nicholas managed in a balanced way to gather opinions of several individuals and organizations about the limitations of accessible [...]

Article published in Disability Horizons

Article published in Disability Horizons   I explored made all the efforts to provide travel services for tourists with special needs. IXPR will  advocate for accessible tourism to be possible and in Romania and will appeal to all bodies involved.   Unexplored Holiday, courtesy of Martin Sibley, published  on his specialized blog for people with [...]

IXPR Development & Consulting (IXPR)

Bucharest, June 2014 Unexplored Holiday becomes IXPR Development & Consulting (IXPR)   Starting with July 2014, Unexplored Holiday becomes the management services company IxPR Development & Consulting. Identity change and enlarging the area of activities will be carried out gradually, keeping quality and social responsibility principles that Unexplored Holiday was built on. The change comes as [...]

Splashing ? Smashing Enduro Motorcycle tours!

Enduro motorcycle tour- day trip

Enduro motorcycle tour- day trip This could be you adventure   city escape from Bucharest! You will have it all: adventure, adrenaline and landscape that you don’t even imagine while you are on the foot of the mountain. Departure:  Bucharest, Romania Adventure, adrenaline,Carpathians breath taking scenery. All this and something more in your tour on Doftana [...]