Muddy Volcanoes and Ciolanu Monastery

Muddy Volcanoes     Departure at 9.00 am at  your hotel  or Unirii, Mitropoliei Hill (depending on the group size) 12. 30  we reach Muddy Volcanos 13.00, after visiting the natural  park, we go to visit Ciolanu Monastery 15.00 off  we go to Bucharest 19.00 Back to where we started it! The tour cannot be […]

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Live almost like a local in Transylvania
Sheperd on the road, Romania, Transylvania

Offer available all year long, but additional activities are available in the week before Christmas and Easter (see end for details). We believe that tourism is all about experiencing and feeling the place you are visiting. Tourism is not just a hotel room, meal times, and star ratings. Tourism is everything you come face to […]

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