Manastirea Comana, Comana Monastery

Manastirea Comana, Comana Monstery   The Wallachia monasteries are less known for tourists comparing to the ones in Moldavia, Maramures and even comparing to the fortified churches of Transylvania.  Comana Monstery is situated 30 km away from Bucharest, on Neajlov river valley. The monastery was build on a island in 1461 ,under Vlad the Impaller […]

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Day trip to Comana Monastery
Monk with a semantron calling the church-goers to the Orthodox service.

Day trip to Comana Monastery Trip to Comana Natural reservation park, see the Neajlov river Delta, the closest delta to the Bucharest, walk through the woods, visit the Comana  Monastery, established by Vlad Tepes (Dracul).   The place where Vlad the Impaler is buried is a controversial subject for everybody, being a “battle” between Snagov […]

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How to drive in Romania? Top Gear like
Romanian road

How  to drive in Romania?   Driving in Romania? How hard can it be? Well, for most overseas tourists, driving in Romania (especially in Bucharest) can be an extreme sport in its own right – an extra and free activity additional to the planned and paid for ones!  Unfortunately, this is not my opinion, but […]

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The Monasteries of Oltenia

The Monasteries of  Oltenia :   Govora and Monastery from a single tree I have this belief that Monasteries of Wallachia are not loved, visited or even known by  tourists so I am trying to bring them into your sight and tell something about those lovely worship places.  My first  story is about  Govora Monastery, […]

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