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Top Adventures for Solo Travelers

Top 5 Adventures for Solo Travelers

Some people prefer to travel solo instead of traveling in groups. They have their reasons and we totally respect them and feel there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking solo missions.

If you are willing to travel the world by yourself, you’re obviously going to want to go on some amazing adventures. To help you figure out the best, most exciting adventures for you to participate in, we’ve decided to share a list of our top five favorite solo adventures for everyone to enjoy.

So figure out the best way to pack your things and get ready to hop on a plane to somewhere you’ve never been before. These five solo adventure locations will practically blow you away they’re so amazing!

  1. Finland


If you’re looking for a vigorous adventure and something that may even take you a little bit outside of your comfort zone, then you’re definitely going to love being active in Finland. You’ll have an opportunity to participate in such exciting activities like snowmobiling in Oulanka National Park in Finland, cross country skiing, and you could even lead a dog sledding team, which is really exciting if it’s something you’ve never done before. Plus, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be able to see the Northern Lights in all of their glory while you visit Finland.

Oman -camel -naâomad

  1. Oman

When it’s time to really step outside your comfort zone, the most welcoming part of the Arabian Peninsula is called Oman. You can truly enjoy and appreciate the hypnotic nomadic landscapes, drive 4 x 4s through the desert, visit mountain Bedouin villages, and appreciate the richness and beauty of the wild beaches in this part of the world. Plus you’ll have a chance to visit the Empty Quarter, which is a favorite of author TE Lawrence.


  1. Sri Lanka

For those looking to enjoy an adventure in the sun but don’t necessarily want to spend their days lounging around on the beach, you’ll absolutely love Sri Lanka and all that this wonderful place has to offer. There are lots of activities going on all the time and you can partake in some of the best like backroad cycling, climbing Adam’s Peak to see the sunrise, wild river rafting through the Central Highlands, and you can even search for elephants and leopards while on an amazing jungle safari.


So step outside of your average and ordinary life and come visit Sri Lanka sooner rather than later. Spend a few weeks exploring this amazing place and you’ll appreciate every minute of it.


  1. Zambia


Have you ever wanted to go on such an amazing adventure that you actually walked through parts of Africa? That’s exactly what you’re going to do if you decide to visit Zambia for your next action packed solo adventure.


On this trip, you’ll be able to go on a safari walk and experience Africa’s wildlife like you’ve never imagined possible. There are many tours in the area, so check out a few online and join one and take your next big adventure in the African safari.


  1. Mount Everest

everest-solo traveler

Seeing Mount Everest up close is an amazing experience to say the least. No one is saying you have to climb the mountain and no one is saying you have to sleep outside in a tent. They have convivial lodges at the foot of the mountain. You will have to share a room with someone else or you may even end up in a dormitory, but that’s all part of the experience. You get to meet new people, learn about new cultures, and see this amazing mountain live and in living color.



If you’re having trouble figuring out what events to check out in September as a solo traveler – rest assured that there are plenty of possibilities to do so. Please consider our top five adventures because they’re guaranteed to invigorate, excite, and provide a wonderful experience for everyone.

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Driving in Romania

Driving through a land of kind people

I have been lucky enough that my job allowed me to travel quite a


lot on the unknown roads of Romania, from south to north. Most of my experiences were fun, others impressive, some others quite hilarious. It was the case when I drove  a rent a car to drive in Maramures,  the north of Romania, the most amazing land, unique for its people and magic atmosphere.
It was late autumn when I decided to visit Maramures to check hotels around. I was running my own travel agency and I was targeting a special niche and checking out hotels was a must.  I went by night train tup o Baia Mare as the drive is long and tiring and I booked a rent a car, from the only company in town planning to drive around.

It went as planned. I took the car and I  start travelling right in the morning. The GPS was my flag, will was my main road. I travelled the first day trying to reach all the UNESCO heritage churches, the incredible ancestor buildings aroused in wood, worked piece by piece by anonymous peasants.

Driving in Romania, driving through amazement

All set. Car was working just fine and, one small detail, the car had the regional plate numbers. After I left Barsana monastery ( I really recommend to get there). I kind of got lost. The GPS seemed also in a big fog, indicating stupid routs. Hence I stopped next to an old man, an authentic local peasant. He spoke a sweet, slow rhythm Romanian language. I asked him directions and when he realised that I was not a local he started wondering: “Where are you from?” I answered shortly that I am from Bucharest, 650 km away. “But.. . you have local plate numbers. Are you married with a local?” I explained him shortly that I just rented the car  to drive across the country side. He did not understand how I could paid money to rent a car and he expressed his amazement  in the same slow manner.  He did also not understood how a “girl” is left  to drive across the country all on her own. He had that spirit of peace and wisdom, he balanced every single word. His concern was a parent-like worry, moreover he was preoccupied to help me find my way and to warn me that there plenty of “troubled people” and to pay attention.
I carried on my travel and I reached the northest point of Sapanta, the Merry Cemetery. Careless woman like I parked into a hole. Nasty one! Enormous! Huge! Scary! And… embarrassing enough … I could not get out of the nasty hole. It was a rainy day and the mud around the car made my mission impossible and not in a 007 sense! I was red  as hell when I just got out to ask for some help. It was this woman, I will always remember her, dressed in popular costume, heavy, but with a kind face. She just shouted twice: “You Gica, You Ioane! Come and help the girl” and the entire village was around me to push the car. Finally the mission was possible! I checked the rented car, everything was just fine, except the dirt around it.

Driving through Maramures – Romania,  return to the roots

I carried on driving southwards, back to accommodation and meaning to vision one more UNESCO church. I noticed one wooden church as most of Maramures are, I kept gazing at it. An old woman, followed by two goats asked me if me if I want a shortcut to the church through her yard. I agreed. Once I stepped in her in yard she invited me to see her house. I was pleased so, here I am Alice in Maramures land discovering the traditions on the front door, not on the keyhole! The house was surprising beautiful! SImple, clean, made out of wood, adorned with traditional carpets. It was food for sore soul. Well, she told the story of every single carpet and traditional decoration and she ended asking me: “Would you like to have some palinca??” If course I refused, I know the meaning of palinca! I left the place  all happy and amused.
I drove back my rent a car full of joy listening local folklore music, blessing the people who made my day happier. At the time I handed in the car, I spoke with the owner shortly about my beautiful experiences, omitting the “blonde” mistakes.

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What to do in Bucharest

Bucharest Tourists versus Business Travelers.

What To Do and Where To Go

Bucharest Summer Gardens
Bucharest Summer Gardens

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania is ready to welcome both business travelers and tourists. No matter the reason why you’re travelling to Bucharest, you’ll be glad to know that it is one of the most affordable but also one of most entertaining cities in Europe, with plenty to see and do.

OAR Garden Bucharest
OAR Garden Bucharest

If you are a business traveler, then you probably don’t have that much time to spare. Still, there are some must-see places and must-do things before you leave the city and with good time management you’ll be able to make the best out of your trip here.
Either if you’re coming to Bucharest on a business travel or as a tourist, you have to see the Palace of Parliament even if you don’t have the time to visit the interior. This is one of Bucharest’s main attractions and its most famous building. Some people see it as an architectural monstrosity and the symbol of Ceausescu’s megalomania while others are impressed by how imposing and luxurious it is. Either way, everyone seems to agree this is a must-see place in Bucharest.

Romanian Traditional Food
Sarmale cu mamaliguta. Romanian Traditional food

No matter how busy you are, you still have to eat, right? You cannot come to Bucharest and not have a taste of the traditional Romanian food, it’s delicious! The most famous dish is “sarmale cu mamaliguta” but there are many other traditional dishes you should try. Be warned: most of them are made with different kinds of meat, so it’s safe to say it’s not the most vegetarian-friendly traditional cuisine.
Just because you are on a business trip in Bucharest, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun too. Bucharest is an entertaining city with a vibrant nightlife, the kind of place where it’s impossible to get bored once the night comes. And if you want to soak up Bucharest’s nightlife, the best place to do it is the Old Town. Here you’ll find a variety of pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, lounges, comedy clubs and even theatres, so you can either party till dawn or just relax over a glass of wine. Bucharest is also famous for its luxury casinos, a great alternative for night clubs.
If you’re travelling to Bucharest on holiday, then the best way to get to know the city and its locals is on foot. Bucharest has many beautiful neighborhoods, streets and buildings just waiting to be discovered. This is how you will get to see the contrast between new and old, between its modern present and communist past and many other cultural influences that make it a unique city.

Romanian AthenaeumEven if it’s really difficult to mention all of them, here are some of the places where you should try to visit:
Bucharest’s most beautiful neighborhoods: Cotroceni, Armenian, Negustori, Mantuleasa.
Museums to visit: Village Museum, Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History, The National Art Museum, Peasant Museum, George Enescu Museum, The Museum of Art Collections.
Gardens and terraces where you can hang out if you are visiting the city in the summer that are not in the Old City: Funky Lounge (Herastrau), Eden, J’ai Bistrot, Acuarela, Verona Garden.
Buildings you should not miss: Romanian Athenaeum, Stavropoleos Church, The National Bank Palace, Cantacuzino Palace, CEC Building, National Theatre, Coral Temple, National Military Palace.
Another place that is perfect both for business travelers and tourists is Therme Bucuresti, the biggest spa and wellness center in Europe. This place is like a tropical paradise where you can actually relax and escape the concrete jungle even if it’s just for a couple of hours.
Last but not least, Bucharest accommodation is very budget-friendly both for business travelers and tourists. The best accommodation option in Bucharest is staying at one of the lux apartments in the city centre. They are affordable, impeccable, really close to all the main tourist attractions and offer you all the comfort and privacy you need on your stay here.


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Things to do in Bucharest

What you can do in Bucharest?

Once known as the Paris of East, a reference for the beautiful ateneulmixture of architectural styles, l during latest years Bucharest has become acknowledged as one of the most vibrant cities for the night life lovers, and also a resource for fun and spa relaxation.

Bucharest as Paris of East

The architecture is a beautiful mixture of classical and eclectic French style. Victoriei Avenue and Kisseleff are the most representative streets to understand the reason for which the city is named The Little Paris of East.

Victoriei Avenue is long row of beautiful buildings on which the French architects or at least their influence showed their mastery on imposing edifices like Royal Palace,Cantacusino Palace or Atheneum.

On the other side, the Arch of Triumph and the entire urbanist setting, the intersection with Kisellef Road is for the tourist a reflection of Champs Elysee.

The Palace of Parliament

It is the most grandiose building in Bucharest, actually, being the second largest administrative building in the world, can easily be named as one of the most impressive edifices in the world. Even if most overseas tourists knows it as the Palace of Ceausescu, the truth is that the former communist leader has never reached the point in working or living in this palace

The night life of Bucharest

Bucharest Old City is wildly know for its vibrant night life. Mainly known as Lipscani area, due to the main street, the walking area is full of amazement an joy. There is no taste that the old city can cover: from fine dining, clubs to theatres and street art, the narrow streets of the of Bucharest is the side of enjoyment and place to be to have fan.

You can eat, dance, enjoy beautiful music and relax within the same perimeter.

Where to sleep and eat in Bucharest

There are plenty of accommodation options in Bucharest. Hotels 2-5*, guest hoses, villas and serviced apartments for all tastes and budgets are spread all over the city.

As we mentioned the Old city is the homeland of restaurants and dining out area. Even in small neighbourhood you can fine either lovely restaurants or small take-away shops

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Bucharest serviced apartment with a view

Serviced apartments with a view in Bucharest

Bucharest seen from a suite with a view

I am being arrogant these days and and trust me, I have a good reason. I do have a room with a view. It’s not the movie, no, not at all but I  really have the good fortune to oversee Bucharest city from one of the upper floors windows in ONE88 Apartmentsone of the newest serviced apartments in town. The view is simply magnificent!

Behind the all endowments of the lovely suite that I stay in  these days, the image of an agitated city t is the best blessing I need.

Why ONE88 Apartments are different?

Some of you might know I explore Romania since there used to be a tour operator having the same name.  I ran the agency and well, as a former travel professional I used  to go from hotel to hotel  in order to know my “commodity”.


The number of accommodation spaces I have visisted last 5 years is countless. And , remember, I have always visited them with a critic eye.  Luckly for my sense of relaxation, The tourism period is long gone and I can always evaluate as a normal tourist does. Now, back to ONE88 Apartments and their differentiations:

  • The apartments are spacious. The smallest suite sums a surface  of around 40 sqm.
  • The luminosity of the apartments is overwhelming.  If you rememeber I mentioned “window”. Please Pardon me! I am speaking about  hight countless windows, all in row!
  • Apartments’ equipment:  the kitchens are fully endowed, all you ONE88 Apartments viewhave to do is take the benefit of all furniture.  Bathrooms have all the stuff you need, including toiletry. And the living space… well, once again: modern furniture, large TV set ( LED, unlike other places) cable TV, High speed wifi…  You name it and you shall recieve.
  •  Safety. There are serviced apartments around the city, but in this case all apartments under ONE 88 are under the same roof. Guests  benefit of 24/7 porter services, parking place  and other safety amenities  similar to hotels, but have the privacy and space of an apartment. 
  • Amenities withing the building  are different.  The facility has an amazing 350 sqm indoor playground  and above the building is a sky bar offering an amazing sunset view.

You all know that accommodation is always beyond words. Come and experience it!







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Parties for Bachelors and Bachelorette party

Parties for Bachelors and Bachelorette party


You feel like spending your last weekend of freedom in a new Destination? Why won’t you chose Romania. I believe for many of you Romania sounds exotic. Believe me, by choosing a pre-wedding party in Romania, especially outdoor or country side, you will have an amazing surprise. There is much to explore, besides Dracula myth, which can be you party theme, you surely enjoy a beautiful scenery, an authentic country life and surprising beautiful medieval old towns across the entire country.

Plenty of adventures to chose from, incredible scenery!


Ideas for His Party: Bachelor Party

Outdoor adventure:

4X4 Offroad

Motorcycle Enduro


Bungee jumping

Farm life


Limo Party


Dracula Party

Wine tasting party

Pool party

Ideas for Her Party: Bachelorette Party

Life –Style:



Dinner in Castle

Horse riding

Outdoor picnic

Professional photo session

Professional Make over




Limo party


Dracula Party

Wine tasting party

Pool party

Pajamas party

You can chose one or have it all or at least a combination of most of them. You tell us your budget, the activities preferred by the person that you arrange the party for and I come with the proposal for your last escape  as a  not –married person.



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Access Magazine about us

Access Magazine about us


Annie Makoff, British journalist in love with Romania and a good friend of ours now, wrote an article about her  and her companion  experience  in Romania with Corina Stefan, I explore – Unexplored Holiday ( presently IXPR) representative.

Access Magazine is a UK magazine writing for people with special needs.

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Is accessible tourism possible in Romania

Is accessible tourism possible in Romania?  



 In 2013 Liliana Nicholas, at that reporter at Radio Romania News, made an interview about how enjoyable can be a person moving wheelchair vacation in Romania.

Liliana Nicholas managed in a balanced way to gather opinions of several individuals and organizations about the limitations of accessible tourism in Romania.

I was glad that the report was released, although the information is not the most pleasant. Finally, we and our co-speakers in the report have drawn alarm over  “accessibility”gaps. In future, we will make every effort to talk about the need and potential of tourism for people with special needs in our country.

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Article published in Disability Horizons

Article published in Disability Horizons


I explored made all the efforts to provide travel services for tourists with special needs. IXPR will  advocate for accessible tourism to be possible and in Romania and will appeal to all bodies involved.


Unexplored Holiday, courtesy of Martin Sibley, published  on his specialized blog for people with disabilities, “Disability Horizons,” an article written by Corina Stefan about accessible tourism in Romania.


IXPR, the new Unexplored Holiday, will carry on to promote the principles of equality through tourism for people with special needs. It will also endeavor to give credibility to this type services in Romania and to gain trust for audiences abroad.