Bucharest by night

Why Bucharest is special by night?

I am a Bucharester and even when I am displeased with the fuss city life I have this feeling of belonging here, that I cannot live without the capital’s charm. Bucharest by night comes from another story, the one of mysteries gathered along centuries, mixted with vibe of a new, vibrant city. Looking Bucharest from an apartment with a view in Bucharest one can imagine the long, spicy history of the city between two world.

Bucharest at fall

Center of the Bucharest-  lights through the night reveal a beautiful mixture of old and new

As you go to Unirii Square, right in the center of Bucharest, the lights of Dambovita river , the shadows of Old town and the majestic Court of Justice placed on the banks of the river is like a travel through the essential Bucharest, a journey in time when this are used to be the quintessence of the old city. During summers, a continuous fuss over the walking area shows a life of the city which can hardly sleeps.

The lightening of new shops, Unirea commercial center, the LED advertisements flashing  across the entire square shakes you back to reality.

Just half a mile further, the Palace of Parliament  reminds us that the communism has imprinted its landmarks across Bucharest not long ago.

Bucharest By night. Bucharest city of light

The North of Bucharest- lights of the modern city

Overlooking to the northern side of Bucharest, an explosion of light  showing a modern city, a new face arising after the fall of communism.  Skyscrapers abundant in light show opulence of a city part of European Union, caught into the big movement of globalization.

Opposing to the center of Bucharest, the crowd which animates the life of multinational companies in north moves to the center and this side of the Bucharest falls in silence.

The Neighbourhoods of Bucharest during night

The neighbourhood bear the communist influence almost wherever one would go. The grey nuances of rough block of flats now turn into pillars of discrete lightening. The neighbourhood lies in light and shadows, gathering in the same place the stories of their inhabitants.

In spite of not being tourist attractions during the day, overnight they have that little something that writes the story of its inhabitants.

Visit Bucharest and take a tour around the city during night. The lights of the city will charm you! A better option is to chose a restaurant with a view  and just look above the city! You’ll be amazed, sky is closer, the city is beautiful, the fuss seems distant.


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