Serviced apartments with a view in Bucharest

Bucharest seen from a suite with a view

I am being arrogant these days and and trust me, I have a good reason. I do have a room with a view. It’s not the movie, no, not at all but I  really have the good fortune to oversee Bucharest city from one of the upper floors windows in ONE88 Apartmentsone of the newest serviced apartments in town. The view is simply magnificent!

Behind the all endowments of the lovely suite that I stay in  these days, the image of an agitated city t is the best blessing I need.

Why ONE88 Apartments are different?

Some of you might know I explore Romania since there used to be a tour operator having the same name.  I ran the agency and well, as a former travel professional I used  to go from hotel to hotel  in order to know my “commodity”.


The number of accommodation spaces I have visisted last 5 years is countless. And , remember, I have always visited them with a critic eye.  Luckly for my sense of relaxation, The tourism period is long gone and I can always evaluate as a normal tourist does. Now, back to ONE88 Apartments and their differentiations:

  • The apartments are spacious. The smallest suite sums a surface  of around 40 sqm.
  • The luminosity of the apartments is overwhelming.  If you rememeber I mentioned “window”. Please Pardon me! I am speaking about  hight countless windows, all in row!
  • Apartments’ equipment:  the kitchens are fully endowed, all you ONE88 Apartments viewhave to do is take the benefit of all furniture.  Bathrooms have all the stuff you need, including toiletry. And the living space… well, once again: modern furniture, large TV set ( LED, unlike other places) cable TV, High speed wifi…  You name it and you shall recieve.
  •  Safety. There are serviced apartments around the city, but in this case all apartments under ONE 88 are under the same roof. Guests  benefit of 24/7 porter services, parking place  and other safety amenities  similar to hotels, but have the privacy and space of an apartment. 
  • Amenities withing the building  are different.  The facility has an amazing 350 sqm indoor playground  and above the building is a sky bar offering an amazing sunset view.

You all know that accommodation is always beyond words. Come and experience it!







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