Top places to visit in Romania
Fortifies church in Viscri Unesco Heratage

10 Places to Visit in Romania   The abundance of tourist resources that dwell on the territory of our beautiful country is the essential element that makes any geography lesson worth learning from an early age. We grow up discovering all about what makes a simple visit to our country become an amazing adventure that […]

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Top Adventures for Solo Travelers
sri-lanka-top solo traveler destination

Top 5 Adventures for Solo Travelers Some people prefer to travel solo instead of traveling in groups. They have their reasons and we totally respect them and feel there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking solo missions. If you are willing to travel the world by yourself, you’re obviously going to want to go on some […]

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Driving in Romania

Driving through a land of kind people I have been lucky enough that my job allowed me to travel quite a lot on the unknown roads of Romania, from south to north. Most of my experiences were fun, others impressive, some others quite hilarious. It was the case when I drove  a rent a car to […]

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What to do in Bucharest
OAR Garden Bucharest

Bucharest Tourists versus Business Travelers. What To Do and Where To Go Bucharest, the capital city of Romania is ready to welcome both business travelers and tourists. No matter the reason why you’re travelling to Bucharest, you’ll be glad to know that it is one of the most affordable but also one of most entertaining […]

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Things to do in Bucharest

What you can do in Bucharest? Once known as the Paris of East, a reference for the beautiful mixture of architectural styles, l during latest years Bucharest has become acknowledged as one of the most vibrant cities for the night life lovers, and also a resource for fun and spa relaxation. Bucharest as Paris of […]

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Bucharest serviced apartment with a view
ONE88 Apartments view

Serviced apartments with a view in Bucharest Bucharest seen from a suite with a view I am being arrogant these days and and trust me, I have a good reason. I do have a room with a view. It’s not the movie, no, not at all but I  really have the good fortune to oversee […]

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Parties for Bachelors and Bachelorette party

Parties for Bachelors and Bachelorette party   You feel like spending your last weekend of freedom in a new Destination? Why won’t you chose Romania. I believe for many of you Romania sounds exotic. Believe me, by choosing a pre-wedding party in Romania, especially outdoor or country side, you will have an amazing surprise. There […]

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Access Magazine about us

Access Magazine about us   Annie Makoff, British journalist in love with Romania and a good friend of ours now, wrote an article about her  and her companion  experience  in Romania with Corina Stefan, I explore – Unexplored Holiday ( presently IXPR) representative. Access Magazine is a UK magazine writing for people with special needs.

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Is accessible tourism possible in Romania

Is accessible tourism possible in Romania?        In 2013 Liliana Nicholas, at that reporter at Radio Romania News, made an interview about how enjoyable can be a person moving wheelchair vacation in Romania. Liliana Nicholas managed in a balanced way to gather opinions of several individuals and organizations about the limitations of accessible […]

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