Colorful Autumn in Romania


When it comes about seasons, it is difficult to chose a favorite.  I enjoy every season, with better and worse. Lucky us,  Romanians have four seasons so weather diversity enchants us every ( approximately, as there is no season like other:)) three months.

Cold white winters  are so pure, the air is so fresh and the sense of BIG celebration around is jolly. The image white snow shining combines with the smell of burned wood on the country side in an unique, smells like Romania. In case you just “lose yourself” in a mountains chalet, you might imagine yourself in fairy tale location. And that is without changing the scenery around you.

Springs are enchanting with that pure fresh green, the threes in white and cherry blossom, the birds singing happily while returning from their migration. Sky is blue, rivers are inpatient and thriving to carry all the snow melt into water.

Summers are hot ans sun always shines. The flowers are  an explosion of color, the mountains are shades of green from base to the top, till the rock  betrays the vivid color into a  gray rock.

Now it comes autumn.  This is the year’s special. The rain and sun play sick and hide, usually sun is stronger. After rainy days, sun shines pleasantly, just touching and warm.

The colors. The colors are incredible.  The forest seems dressed colorfully, expecting the white winter.  The forests travel From the green of pin trees, the forest transforms into a red-copper  leaves cover to golden leaves.  The colors spread all over the trees, underneath them, on the ground, on the road… almost everywhere.  Late quince fruits stay braves into the trees and seem to salute the grapes ( which by now are already fermented as  wine : ) )

Hay stacks bend down like paying tribute to the remaining yellow grass.

Would you guess which season I enjoy more? Happy to find out that A luxury Travel blog  shares  my opinion about beautiful autumn colors in Romania.  

Autumn colors
Autumn colors


Rural autumn colors
Rural autumn colors





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