Polovragi cavi, a bat having a beauty representation
Polovragi cavi, a bat having a beauty representation

Day trips and activities in Oltenia

Activities offered by us are adventure activities, not extreme sport, specially prepared and adapted for people with normal physical condition, sport or technical skills, however,   the instructors  and the adequate activity will be the ones to supply the lack of participant physical. Moreover, the program only propose activities that we have total control over all elements of predictable and unpredictable and therefore will not find in our program paragliding, hang gliding or bungee, activities which may cause inconvenience practitioners. A misconception may form when the client read activity offers “extreme” or “extreme sport”, consisting of the most common sports activities like rock climbing, rappelling, zip line, mountain bike … and get to scare activities like rafting, caving or canyoning.
The program does not promote military activities to  effect a struggle with various weapons and could result in participants differentiate winners and losers or programs with activities that require skill, speed of reaction or other qualities, all but perhaps not relevant to the scope of the team, and do nothing to create a hierarchy of good and weak participants.
Cannoning / waterfalls

Transport is made by road vehicles about 30-40 min, mountain road, landscape, 4×4 items. Equipment (neoprene suits and shoes, helmet, harness …) and about 800 m canyoning through the valley water is a very spectacular, in a beautiful  natural setting, virgin landscape, with  some passages is body rafting (float because buoyancy neoprene)  or natural slides jumps in small pools. We arrive at the first waterfall of 20 m / vertical launching rope descends, whoever wants to do this .

Participants will have the opportunity to enter on the  flood flow, to swing  in the flow, to stand for a  massage in the most powerful torrent … fun and adrenaline. Continue the road through the canyon and about 50 m waterfall II reach 7 m / vertical that ends in a natural pool of about 60 square meters and 4-5 meters deep. Waterfall 2 is equipped with flights or participants can jump straight in the pool.  There are different level for jumping into the pool and maximum wading. The third waterfall  is 35 m / slope 45 degrees and return on a parallel course with waterfalls, back in the bed of canyonig and then  participants go to the cars.

Return to the location of accommodation. Participants must be only  bring casual clothes that allow them to change easily and necessary to bring a swimsuit. No need to know how to swim, neoprene suits ensure total buoyancy, thermal and mechanical. All participants receive a neoprene suit and shoes, helmet and harness. same activity performed with our machines, hundreds of gorgeous photos that are offered free to participants in digital format. An exceptional tour of Leisure Travel, an ideal natural combination of the three types of naturally occurring waterfalls (vertical, with pool and oblique) … 100% natural Aqua Park Activity It requires no technical knowledge, skills, sports or physical condition.

Cave exploring in pothole minus 20 m

It involves:

Equipping participants (overall, helmet with Stage-lighting fixtures, harness, carbines), 20-30 min easy hiking, natural setting, karsts landscape and discovers the entrance of the pit. It descends into the pit (minus 20 m) and then about 60 m horizontal gallery explores very well equipped with cave formations and a very good preservation.

Going into and out of the pit is very spectacular and fun descent and also it is  very interesting to explore. Participants can make a lot of photos with personal devices. For pit descent is descent is on rappel special devices or released.

Return to cars on another track. Participants must be only mountain  showes or ice and loose clothing to allow them to change easily. Participants receive caving suit, harness and helmet with Stage-lighting (lighting system).Activity requires no technical knowledge, skills, sports or physical condition.


Rappel, Tyrolean the bridge, climbing / mountaineering, + bonus mountain bike 


The activity takes place in a beautiful area quay walls 300-400 m, scenery. Booster (35m) and Tyrolean (60 m) from the bridge are more attractive than those on the rock, the booster after the first meter strings are hanging free and can do various oscillation and rotation in the air. It mounts two or three ropes and rappelling descents can be two to three participants each in tandem or a participant and an instructor. Super descent equipments allows to  release hands, stopping or lowering speed adjustment according to customer wishes. Special metal  devices design for fast access of participants from the canyon. Mountaineering and climbing workshop is arranged on a rock wall along a length of 20-30 m with a high degree of availability so that participants can discover the beauty of this activity and to gain early skills. For those who want to visit the keys or make a little trip on the road and mountain bike type ensure mountain tbike. Polovragi located at the entrance of Gorj from Bucharest, in the gorges, being able to visit the monastery and cave Polovragi. Participants must have mountain boots, otherwise we it is provided  all the required equipment. Participants can do their own devices with hundreds of spectacular photographs or video footage. It sits at the workshop as you want so make the most of the spectacular and attractive activities and to arrive on time at home. Activity requires no technical knowledge, skills, sports or physical condition.



The activity takes place on  Jiu Valley, boarding place is in Lainici. It comes down on the regular course, 12 km, 210 m elevation gain, difficulty grade II-IV (grade IV is the maximum allowed in recreational rafting, gr. VI is maximum in rafting), downhill for 2-4 hours depending on what games are on the road, naval battles, contests, body rafting (float torrent due to buoyancy equipment). Take with our camera several hundred photos which are offered  for free to participants in digital format. Participants must be only wear casual clothes that allow them to change easily,  to have swimwear, towel, all the rest necessary equipment is  provided, shoes and neoprene clothing, helmet, life vests, special boats rafting 5 6 seats + 1 seat for instructor ….

Activity does not require technical knowledge, skills, sports, physical condition and is not a condition to can swim.


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