Dental Tourism


As we want to bring for you a multitude of touristic experiences, recently we added to our offer dental tourism.

For you best dental travel experience, we facilitate your medical dental treatment at Dental One Center in Bucharest.

How it works?

In case you are reading this, you have a dental problem and you have decided to treat your teeth abroad at lower prices than in your country.

You write an e-mail, either to us or to Dental One referring to us, and describe your medical problem, medical treatment history. Within 24 hours one of the clinic’s doctors will answer to you.  It might be required for you to take also radiography or to supply further details. The doctors will send your treatment plan, duration and an estimative cost of your treatment plan.

You set your departure date and from there on, we will take care of your flights, airport transfers, accommodation, day trips or any other all touristic or concierge services you might need for your medical trip.

In case you ask yourself whether cheaper services mean services of lower quality, than the answer is NO. The lower rates are due to lower labor, rentals and general costs. It is already known that Romanian dental treatments are cheaper than in most countries of EU and not only, keeping professional and material standard as any other West -European  or American states.

I explore’s services

For your comfort and relaxation, we will be in charge with all your travel arrangements, we will find the most suitable flights, transfers, hotels and services to feel your medical trip like a relaxation one.

Dental One Center

Dental One Center is a clinic in the posh area of Bucharest, close to the Arch of Triumph. What strikes you from your very first step into the clinic is the cozy and friendly atmosphere. Once you got there, you rather feel like paying a visit to a friend that paying a visit to a dentist.  The Dental One team focused their efforts for you to be treated like a patient and to make you feel like home.


Cosmetic dentistry

It is generally used that side of dentistry that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums or bite.

At Dental One Center medical professional will help you to have shining healthy teeth, in harmony with you face for a perfect smile.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

It is a medical specialty that treats diseases, injuries and defects in the mouth, neck, mouth, jaw region. At Dental Oone experienced doctors will help you to have the perfect teeth, regardless the complexity of treatment or procedures.

Endodontic is concerned with the treatment of the dental pulp, as  damaged dental  pulp requires dental treatment in order to save the tooth.  Endodontists procedures: root canal therapy, endodontic retreatment, surgery, treating cracked teeth, treating dental trauma.

The center’s doctors will treat you fast and painless,  in order for your teeth to last in time.

Dental implant

It is a procedure that interfaces with the bone of the jaw/skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis using connecting components to function.

The implants help everyone to have a beautiful smile and a healthy look. The clinic’s doctors will assist you with best treatment for your goal.


Orthodontic treatment treats dental displacements or modification of facial growth.

Irregular alignment of teeth is a high disadvantage form functional, but also aesthetically. Your doctor will advice the best solution of braces or additional components, thus, after treatment and following doctor’s recommendation your teeth will line up.


Need a treatment plan and a touristic package along.

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