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Manastirea Comana, Comana Monstery


The Wallachia monasteries are less known for tourists comparing to the ones in Moldavia, Maramures and even comparing to the fortified churches of Transylvania.  Comana Monstery is situated 30 km away from Bucharest, on Neajlov river valley. The monastery was build on a island in 1461 ,under Vlad the Impaller request and supervision.

As you drive to the Monastery the road is plane, hiding the history it carries since centuries and the marsh that helped Romanian rulers to fight Ottomans, while the latest were doing they planned to conquer the Christianity. Nowdays, the flat ground is covered with gardens and country side houses and there is nothing to remember the old geography, nor about the heroism acts happening there.

The Comana Monastery nowdays lies on the right arm of Neajlov and it still impresses by its statue and  beauty.   The main church is surrounded by high red high defense walls , as a proof of difficult times.  I am not going to say too much about the church architecture as I am not an expert. I am wording about how I felt when I first got there.

I was curious to visited, mainly as there is  a controversy about the famous Vlad the Impaler. It is said he is buried there, at Comana. At the same time, there is a second belief that the  famous character is buried at Snagov monastery, so I decided to visit the monastery to  see it for my eyes and soul. I wasn’t expecting  to be welcomed by Vlad Tepes (the Impaler), but at least I could sense the place.

Luckily, I took the decision to visit this church one Easter day. My driving was nice as it was sunny morning. As I crossed the Neajlov and left the  Neajlov Delta on my right hand, I noticed the walls of the church.  It was not as crowded as I imagine (one year later the situation totally different) . The garden was echoing the sound of semantron and monks were in a rush to the church service. We also entered to the church. Orthodox services are different, are chanted and vibrating. Even you not a believer or you do not understand a word, the religious hymns moves you, the listener, profoundly.

I like the church as it is simpler and less decorated than other Orthodox churches.  The simple setting, the green garden,  neat but not flashy, the modesty of the place.  It inspired the word and work of God. I haven’t met  Vlad Tepes  (Impaller) there, he did came out to say “hello” to me. Still, I felt that this is a suitable place where a hero can sleep forever. There is a back door in the main wall . As soon as I got out I saw down there, under the walls the Neajlov river, passing-by  joyful, bringing the winter snow transformed into water.

You don’t have to stay for long there to feel that you batteries are recharged. If Vlad Tepes is there, then there must be  a bless of Dracula, not a curse.  Whatever you reason for visiting Comana are,  visiting the monastery and the natural park it will always be healing.


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