New Trends in traditional Brukenthal Museum: Upcycling


The Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu,  announces opening its  gates for visitor with a new Exhibition, Upcycled. The opening will be on 25th April and it will be on between 25.04 – 26.05.2013.

The exhibition is governed by the motto “Small deeds can transform the world”  and it is the result of an experiment. Thus, the exhibitors tried to show that by means of creativity, wastes or useless materials can be transformed into products of higher quality or high value for the environment, that useless thing becoming decorative.

Upcycling -Brukenthal
Upcycling -Brukenthal


The term “upcycling” was first time used in 1994, in the discourse of Reiner Pilz as the opposite term for reusing, recycling. While downcycling transforms materials in ones of lower quality, upcycling means that products are transformed into an improved object, better than the initial one that the object was made of.

The experiment Upcycled is addressed mainly to the women and it is an invitation to a new approach in recycling in the housekeeping. The movement is a challenge for modern women to keep up with their time, to be creative and free.

Source: http://www.brukenthalmuseum.ro


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