10 Places to Visit in Romania


The abundance of tourist resources that dwell on the territory of our beautiful country is the essential element that makes any geography lesson worth learning from an early age. We grow up discovering all about what makes a simple visit to our country become an amazing adventure that can change the way foreign tourists perceive the Romanian landscapes.  


Without being deprived of patriotic pride in our minds, we have been thought that we have endless imposing mountains, gorgeous beaches, a rich history and endless traditions that can fill entire shelves of precious books about the most beautiful places in the world.

Sibiu- Romania

Furthermore, the most attractive thermal waters, the most popular castles and fortresses as well as the lush flora and fauna in our country make the tourist attractions in Romania gain their deserving top place in reputable magazines that describe the beauty of the world that surrounds us.  


As soon as anyone hears about the most beautiful cities in Romania, they have the impulse of getting on the first train to convince themselves of the accuracy of what others have said after their visit to our country.


Viscri in Brasov


You can go to Viscri, in Brasov a million times in your life and you will still be surprised to discover its beauty. Any time you go there, you will be mesmerized by the absolute silence that seems to have taken over this rustic place from our country. About five hundred people live in the area that does not seem to hide any mystery at first sight but which will win your heart as soon as you get there.

Fortifies church in Viscri Unesco Heratage

If you are a fan of the traditional Romanian stories, you will feel like you are living the life of one of Ion Creanga’s characters and that time has stopped for you to experience life differently during your visit to Romania. The people from the countryside are still socializing in a traditional manner, talking for hours in front of their homes. Anytime they see strangers passing by, they smile and welcome them to their homes.


The Horses Waterfall in the Rodnei Mountains


Very close to Borsa, one of the most amazing Romanian places in the Rodnei Mountains, the tourists can discover the Horses Waterfall that has become famous across the world. If you get there in winter, you will be mesmerized by the natural ice wonder that has taken over the place.


The natural cycle in the area has given birth to the largest waterfall in our country,  making tourists believe that the sky has opened its gates and keeps on throwing silver water streams on our lands. The noise of the water reaching the rocks can easily be considered the most relaxing zen sounds for the soul.


St. Ana Lake in Harghita


Our touristic itinerary continues today with another gorgeous snapshot of a beautiful place in Romania. Just imagine yourself admiring the imposing mountains and the green forests from a small traditional boat that floats naturally on St. Ana Lake in Harghita.


This is the only volcanic lake in Central Europe and as soon as you get there you will feel like you have discovered a new world, far away from the stress and the noises of urban life. All you feel like doing is meditating on the edge of the water, reading a good book and having a picnic like in the old days.


The Voronet Monastery in Gura Humorului


Our magic story of top cities to visit in Romania takes us to Gura Humorului next, in the Suceava County. No matter where you are from, you must have heard about the livelihood of the people living in Bucovina, an area rich in traditions, authentic in culture and well deserving of its fame.


This sacred nordic area in Romania has preserved its traditions and history like no other place in the world. As soon as you enter the gate of the Voronet Monastery, you will understand what the fairytales are saying about people who are living with an open heart and with a strong belief in everything that is sacred.


The Danube Delta


Our virtual visit to Romania could not have excluded the Danube Delta from its list. This is because this seems to be an area where life is lived entirely different under the direct governance of Mother Nature. The image of the pelicans living their life undisturbed and of the water lilies that are floating proudly on the water will stretch your imagination up to the point where you will feel like you have discovered Heaven.  Do not be surprised if you wake up wondering how this wild universe and the office buildings in Romania can be part of the same world.



The Bigar Waterfall in Caras-Severin


The amazing Romanian place that finds its way on our list today seems to come right from the story of how God made the world. The Bigar Waterfall in Caras-Severin seems to come right from the sack of natural wonders that make this world great. The blue shade of the water will make you believe that the sky rests right there. The way in which the water runs on the stones and its sound will make you stay there forever so as to be part of the miracles of nature and life.


The Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, Maramures


When have you ever been in a cemetery and have gone out feeling joyful and appreciative of life? In case you never thought that this could be possible, you have not been to the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, Maramures. This is the place that celebrates life even when someone passes away because the energy of that person remains alive through everything that he / she has done in life. This amazing Romanian place is a real manifestation of art featuring a totally different image from the gloomy landscape that you might expect to find in a cemetery.

Sapanta- Merry Cemetery- Maramures
Sapanta- Merry Cemetery- Maramures


The Harmonie Complex in Predeal


As a child, have you ever dreamed of being in a tree house similar to those you used to see in the American movies? In case you have given up on your dream, it is time for you to start believing in your dreams again because this is your chance to actually live this experience.


In Predeal, Brasov there is a magical place called the Harmonie Complex that features suspended tree houses made of natural wood, covered by leaf curtains and hugged by the tree branches that surround the magical area. The mountain view that you can admire from the windows in the tree houses will make you feel like a real character living his childhood dream.


Turda Salt Mine in Cluj


Turda Salt Mine is located at a 30-km distance from Cluj, being well preserved at several hundred meters below the surface. Once you get there, you will be exposed to a special underground world in which nature and the people have worked together, side by side, to create and reveal a little special salt town to the world. This is a real balneary health oasis as well as a small entertainment base that includes a sports field and a special playground for children. The natural museum is worth visiting while being there.

Turda salt mine- the lake
Turda salt mine- the lake


Alba Iulia Carolina Citadel


Transilvania is one of the Romanian regions that breath history through each and every natural and cultural element it features. Alba Iulia Carolina Citadel is a real architectural jewelry that manages to take tourists back in time through their imagination. You can feel as if you have learned hundreds of pages of history just from visiting this amazing place in Romania. Not to mention the degree of cultural enrichment that comes from seeing a citadel that has become famous across the globe.

Alba Iulia - Carolina Alba citadel Transylvania
Alba Iulia


These are ten of the most beautiful places in Romania and in the world. During your visit to our country, we recommend you to include these tourist attractions on your list of places to see. We promise you that you will go back home with a sack filled with gorgeous memories that will enrich your life. 

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