Rent a helicopter Are you under time pressure or just  want to admire the  landscape? Helicopter transfers offer you all: rapidity, uniqueness of scenery and a sense of luxury.   Helicopter rentals are suitable for all: corporate travel, transfer to remote distances in a very short time, comfort,  entertainment and touristic flights, to reach difficult spots on the map, regardless the purpose of travel.

Helicopters: EC 120 B Capacity : 3-4 passengers Flight autonomy : 710 km Cruise speed: 223 km/h Night flight equipments single engine

EC 135 Capacity: 5-6 passengers \ Flight autonomy: 635km. Cruise speed: 254 km/h Night flight equipments twin engine   E

C 155B Capacity: 6 passengers Flight autonomy: 857 km. Cruise speed: 280 km/h Night flight equipments twin engine

AS 365N DAUPHIN Capacity: 8-10 passengers Flight autonomy: 827 km. Cruise speed: 270 km/h Night flight equipments twin engine   For your route and rental rate, do not hesitate to contact us!

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