Romanian traditions: Martisor

Martisor celebration is symbol of spring time and fertility in Romania and Bulgarian tradition.  Martisor is a small jewel or decoration attached to a red and white string and it is offered during March ( “Martie” in Romanian).

Today the custom is more commercial, men offering as “martisor”s to women al sort of broche or gifts with the white and red string. In fact the story of Martisor is more connected with the string itself.

The myth says that Sun came down on Earth transformed into a beautiful young girl. A bad dragon found out that beyond  that beautiful woman was the sun and imprisoned her into his dark castle. After Sun disappeared everything went sad, from animal and flowers in wilderness to the playing children.  .

One brave lad,  seeing all the unhappiness around him decided to  confront the bad dragon. He looked for the castle an entire year, summer, autumn, through the winter. When he finally found the Dragon, the spring time was approaching. There was an incredible fight between the young man and, finally, the  young man killed the dragon and released the you girl. She transformed into Sun again, started shining and everybody regain happiness.

The young man was so bad wounded that the his blood poured into the white snow . The snow , under the heat of the sun melt and snowdrops started growing. It is said that people wear with and red string to remember the brave man.

I do not know if many remember this, but Martisor in Romanian tradition it is an optimist day, happening on 1st March.  Men offers sometime snowdrops and the feeling that freezing season is left behind incite to happiness.

Also, the traditions says that the Martisor is worn the entire March and at the end of the month the string should be placed in a fruit tree. To be honest, I haven’t seen too many fruit trees with red and white strings, this is a reason to remind you. To be completely honest, my friend Annie remind me that Martisor ( 1 of March) is pretty close and I have to take attitude.

Enjoy your spring season!!!

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