Royalties choose Romania


His Royal Highness Prince Charles arrived today in Romania for a private visit. He will spend some time in Miclosoara (Covasna) at his friend count Kalnoky and he will also visit the jams and famous cordials in Saschiz. During time, His Royal highness Prince Charles showed a great admiration for Romanian rural beauty and also he launched a challenge and set Romania as an example for sustainable tourism and agriculture in his interview for the documentary movie “Wild Carpathians”.


Saschiz is one destination I really love. Situated at about 20 km away from the famous citadel of Sighisoara, Saschiz remain a beautiful commune, hidden with greenly hills. The fortified church, placed on the main road, stops the curious tourist and invites his to pay a visit. Further on, on hill, the ruins of the old citadel surveys over the beauty of this amazing neighborhood. The traditional Saxon houses bring a colorful touch to the surrounding. If you stop there, a nice warm meal and natural cordial will enchant you at “Hanul cetatii”. Besides, you will have the occasion to see within this tradition inn courtyard a collection of old tools and objects, like in an ethnological museum.


The Fortified Church of Saschiz became a UNESCO heritage site in 1993 .


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