Sibiu – idyllic and cultural


Recently I wrote about Brasov, one of the seven inhabited citadels in  Romania. Today I am going  to write about another one, Sibiu, also one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Considered by Forbs in top eight as one of the most idyllic cities to live in, Sibiu is a beautiful cities in Transylvania, but also Sibiu can be also an important cultural experience while you are visiting Romania.  Just to confirm the authentic lovely and romantic air of the city, during last November, the Bollywood Salamn Khan shot part of a video for his coming up movie in Sibiu and Sighisoara.

Sibiu, also known as  Hermannstadt in German  was built around  12th century  by  Transylvanian Saxons.  Sibiu was also known as the richest and flourishing citadels built by German dwellers. The wealth of the inhabitants of Sibiu was reflected in majestic buildings and strong fortification built for defense.  The two main squares are still bringing the air of authenticity of Medieval times, imbued with Saxon architecture, in a Romanian setting.  Narrow little streets contract with sumptuous buildings around the Old town.

The grandeur of Sibiu was enhanced by the influenced by the erudite Samuel von Brunkethal, governor of Transylvania, but also an art lover and virtuoso. He also was the founder of Museum in Sibiu, the oldest museum in Romania. Another Samuel, Samuel von Hahnemann  was to write history in Sibiu as was the  first to open homeopathic laboratory at the beginning of 18th century.

It is something more about Sibiu. It has that “visit me!” magnet and from cobbled streets to imposing constructions, all are inviting the tourist to go ahead and enjoy the city.  The division  Upper and Lower town does not draw a line between Old and new how it happens in other cities.  Upper town involves a promenade on the alleys with sumptuous and historical buildings, while Lower town makes you feel like a handicraftsman or merchant  in the Medieval town.  The Big, the Small and Huet Square are the main places where one should start wandering around. Pass through Stairs Passage, cross the Bridge of Lies, visit Brukenthal Museum and you will fall in love with Sibiu forever.

What to visit: Great Square, Huet Square, the beautiful Stairs Passage connection between  upper town and  lower town, the Bridge of Lies, Goldsmiths’ Square and the Small Square.  And do not miss Brukenthal National Museum and Astra Open Air Museum!

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