Christmas in Brasov

Christmas in Brasov   Funpark 3*   Christmas holiday Package   3 nights half board and dinner – 85 euro / person 4 nights with half-board and dinner – 99 euro / person 5 nights half board and dinner – 120 euro / person 6 nights with half-board and dinner – 139 euro / person […]

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Romanian Christmas Traditions

Christmas Celebration in Romania   As I have already wrote, on December 20th, people celebrate “the Ignat Day”, the sacrificial day when the pig is slaughtered. Even if you are poor and you cannot afford a pig,  Romanians should sacrifice another animal. An old belief was that in the night before Ignat, the pig dreams […]

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Romanian customs and traditions- Ignatius
Slanina - Romanian traditional bacon

Ignatius takes place every year on December 20th. It is one of the oldest Romanian traditions that coincides with the feast day Saint Ignatius Martyr, thus gaining a religious significance. The custom of sacrificial pig is a pre-Christian tradition rooted in the ritual slaughter at the end of a year for the welfare of year […]

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