Bucharest, the little Paris of the East. Why a city-break? Legend and general stuff First I will explain the sub-title” yes, between the Two World Wars, Bucharest was considered the little Bucharest of the east. If you ever have the privilege to up on the Arch of the Triumph in Bucharest, the landscape convinces you […]

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Brasov – gate to Transylvania
Black Church- Brasov Romania

Brasov  –  gate to Transylvania When it comes to Romania, most of the tourists associate Romania to Transylvania. Brasov is the closest Transylvanian city, situated at  around 200 km away from the Romanian capital- Bucharest.  The city has always been flourishing, along centuries being a referral of trade and crafts, mainly due to its position, […]

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Why you should visit Sighisoara

  Why you should visit Sighisoara   Some might believe that including Sighisoara in a Romanian tour is such a cliché.  Well, if I usually disagree about clichés, when it comes to Sighisoara, I agree to disagree.  There cannot be Romanian tour without Sighisoara! Sighisoara is for Dracula funs, Sighisoara is for people who hate […]

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