Romanian traditions in the springtime: Martisor

Romanian traditions: Martisor Martisor celebration is symbol of spring time and fertility in Romania and Bulgarian tradition.  Martisor is a small jewel or decoration attached to a red and white string and it is offered during March ( “Martie” in Romanian). Today the custom is more commercial, men offering as “martisor”s to women al sort […]

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Romanian Christmas Traditions

Christmas Celebration in Romania   As I have already wrote, on December 20th, people celebrate “the Ignat Day”, the sacrificial day when the pig is slaughtered. Even if you are poor and you cannot afford a pig,  Romanians should sacrifice another animal. An old belief was that in the night before Ignat, the pig dreams […]

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Saint Nicholas day in Romania

Saint Nicholas day in Romania   Saint Nicholas arrives in Romania on the 6th of December, every year, bringing   the winter holidays, the Christmas and the New Year. On the evening of the 5th of December everybody polish their boots and line them close to the entrance, expecting to be filled with presents.  Saint Nicholas […]

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