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Fun Labor holiday with I explore

Fun Labor holiday


For Labor Holiday, we had a  3 day party with a concert in cave. Actually,  at the time  I organized this I believed that the concert is the main catch of this stay. Actually, everything was fun and we all turned into friends.

Bach Aria- Valea Cetatii

The  3 days  stay for some, 4 for others, was a continuous party fun, laughter and adventure. We visited Rasnov Citadel, we played games by the fire while having mulled wine… Even the “failure” as we went to look for a Roman castrum which existed in 1 st century BC, now only a shape of it, was a motif for fun as we had to experience some off-road driving.

The photographers, during their workshop, had to face the challenge that in the cave was not lightning at all, so they had a competition with their skills, but not with one another. After a portion of classical music and jazz, we had a small zip (line) of adventure.

Tourists who stayed the forth day, enjoyed a traditional Zup party. Zup is a  traditional meal cooked in Rasnov area. In the end, the party went into a traditional Romanian dance.



Laura:  “The trip organized  by  I explore for  1 May was one of the most successful I’ve eve been to: we had campfire accompanied by mulled wine , songs and games. There were also visits to various targets ( roman fortress Rasnov,  Fortress,  Valea Cetatii cave  ) and of course the icing on the cake: the concert held in Valea Cetatii cave that has a great sound . Accommodation and atmosphere were excellent , Corina is an excellent organizer who took care of everything to do go well and we felt very good! ”

Agatha:“Even if I repeat myself, it sounds very good, ” Musical May 1″ was a special event,  Bran I explore Romania!. And what could be more beautiful than a mingling of classical music in an exceptional performance in the gorgeous scenery offered by Valea Cetatii cave, enjoying the surrounding wildlife Rasnov Citadel with a group of friends, and fun at the campfire? We combine business with pleasure: we relaxed, we enjoyed good music, I learned in the workshop of photography and  WE HAD FUN! Corina gave us besides spending some wonderful moments and new friends that we want to revisit them as soon as possible!”

Zup- traditional food in Rasnov area
Zup- traditional food in Rasnov area
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7 Monasteries in one day

Painting on Ghighiu Monastery

7 monasteries in one day

There is a Romanian belief that says that one has to pray for good luck and the fulfilment of a wish in 7 monasteries in one day! We invite you to commence your good luck, your good fortune, but above all your beautiful day with us by visiting 7 monasteries in one day.

The tour is in and around Bucharest – Ghigiu Monastery – escorted tour

Prahova county – A convent for nuns, the monastery was built in the year 1817 and it was initially painted by a famous Romanian painter called Gheorghe Tattarescu in 1865. It is said that the monastery has miraculous qualities: many people come to pray here hoping for their wishes to be fulfilled.

The monastery shelters a collection of liturgical art objects. Several workshops have also been accommodated within the monastery grounds.

Snagov Monastery

Situated in Salistea Snagovului, on the shores of LakeSnagovand close to Bucharest, this monks’ convent is very well known for its long history. It was firstly built in the 14th century, then renovated by Wallachian ruler, Vlad Tepes whom many believe to be buried at this monastery. Vlad Tepes is the ruler that Bram Stoker got inspiration from for his fictional character Dracula.
Tiganesti Monastery

Not far from Snagov Monastery, this convent for nuns was built in the 17th century. The monastery derives its name from the owner of the land, Matei Tiganescu. The monastery shelters a collection of liturgical art objects and of old religious books.

Severalworkshops have also been accommodated within the monastery grounds, such as the weaving workshop for manufacturing sacerdotal attire and the embroidery workshop for making priestly vestment ornaments.
Caldarusani Monastery

Situated by a lake in the Gruiu commune, this is a convent for monks. The ruler Matei Basarab founded this monastic establishment in 1638 on the site of a wooden hermitage. A school for church painters was founded here in 1778. The well-known Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu attended this school within the period 1854-1856. Moreover, in 1825, a painting house was also accommodated within the monastery walls.

Balamuci Monastery

Balamuci Monastery, also known as Sitaru or as the locals refer to it, “the monastery in the meadow,” is a convent for monks dedicated to Saint Nicholas. The monastery was founded by Pavel Greceanu, a former Chancellor at the court of the ruler Mihai the Brave, and by his wife Elena in 1627. The monastery is very valuable for its interior frescos, painted by a group of priests fromBrasovCountyin 1752.
Pasarea Monastery


Located on the southern side ofBucharestin thevillageofBranesti, Pasarea Monastery is a convent for nuns. The monastic establishment was founded in 1813. Several workshops have also been accommodated within the monastery grounds, as for instance, the weaving workshop for manufacturing sacerdotal attire and the embroidery workshop for making priestly vestment ornaments (per our request a nun can guide us along the production line).

Cernica Monastery

Situated next toLakeCernica, this monastery was mentioned for the first time in historical records in 1608. The cell complex that houses the 84 monks living in the monastery is practically a great fortress, built in the architectural style that is typical of the plains.

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– The tour as provided

– Nun/ monk guide within the monastery

– English-language guide during trip

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