Bucharest, the little Paris of the East. Why a city-break? Legend and general stuff First I will explain the sub-title” yes, between the Two World Wars, Bucharest was considered the little Bucharest of the east. If you ever have the privilege to up on the Arch of the Triumph in Bucharest, the landscape convinces you […]

Sibiu – idyllic and cultural

Sibiu – idyllic and cultural   Recently I wrote about Brasov, one of the seven inhabited citadels in  Romania. Today I am going  to write about another one, Sibiu, also one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Considered by Forbs in top eight as one of the most idyllic cities to live in, Sibiu […]

Brasov – gate to Transylvania

Brasov  –  gate to Transylvania When it comes to Romania, most of the tourists associate Romania to Transylvania. Brasov is the closest Transylvanian city, situated at  around 200 km away from the Romanian capital- Bucharest.  The city has always been flourishing, along centuries being a referral of trade and crafts, mainly due to its position, […]

Geriatrics treatment

 Geriatrics treatment     The Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics was founded in 1952 as the first institution of this kind by Decision of the Ministerial Cabinet. In 1974 it became a National Institute and in 1974 it took the name of “Ana Aslan”. From its beginnings the Institute was led by Prof. Acad. Ana […]

Traditional Christmas in Bran

Traditional Christmas in Bran Easter and Christmas are very import religious traditions for Romania. There are several things that makes Romanian Christmas special. One of them is pig sacrificial and the preparation of the pork meat. After sacrificial, it comes the time for “alms” to the pig when the fresh meat is prepared by the […]

Colorful Autumn in Romania

Colorful Autumn in Romania   When it comes about seasons, it is difficult to chose a favorite.  I enjoy every season, with better and worse. Lucky us,  Romanians have four seasons so weather diversity enchants us every ( approximately, as there is no season like other:)) three months. Cold white winters  are so pure, the […]

Halloween at House of Dracula

Halloween at House of Dracula   Romania  is mostly known as country of Dracula, even if it does not deserve this name. This time, we are proposing a Halloween Party at “House of Dracula ”  4 * hotel placed in Poiana Brasov. The curiosity of this hotel is that it looks like a proper castle, […]

George Enescu Festival in September

George Enescu Festival in September Quality music, important artists, good time  and… Romania. All these represent “George Enescu Festival”. Held the entire month of September , George Enescu Festival  was first time organized in 1958 in memoriam of the great composer and violinist  and took place every three years till 1979. After Revolution the concert […]

History and Spirituality in Dacian Fortress – Orastie Mountains.

History and  Spirituality in Dacian Fortress – Orastie Mountains.  Prislop Monastery. Urus Reservation. Densus Monastery In the movie are images of spiritual and historic importance for Romanians, but also for humanity as part of history. Prislop Monastery Prislop is more a pilgrimage phenomena. Many pilgrims come here and pray to the Arsenie Boca grave for […]