Citizens for whom visa entry in Romania is mandatory

Citizens for whom visa entry in Romania is mandatory   As lately I have been requested some information about visa entry in Romania, I considered useful to give you the list of countries whose citizens have to have visa entry for Romania. The country enclosed are in accordance with European Commission legislation. EU state members […]

Manastirea Comana, Comana Monastery

Manastirea Comana, Comana Monstery   The Wallachia monasteries are less known for tourists comparing to the ones in Moldavia, Maramures and even comparing to the fortified churches of Transylvania.  Comana Monstery is situated 30 km away from Bucharest, on Neajlov river valley. The monastery was build on a island in 1461 ,under Vlad the Impaller […]

Day trip to Comana Monastery

Day trip to Comana Monastery Trip to Comana Natural reservation park, see the Neajlov river Delta, the closest delta to the Bucharest, walk through the woods, visit the Comana  Monastery, established by Vlad Tepes (Dracul).   The place where Vlad the Impaler is buried is a controversial subject for everybody, being a “battle” between Snagov […]

How to drive in Romania? Top Gear like

How  to drive in Romania?   Driving in Romania? How hard can it be? Well, for most overseas tourists, driving in Romania (especially in Bucharest) can be an extreme sport in its own right – an extra and free activity additional to the planned and paid for ones!  Unfortunately, this is not my opinion, but […]

Romanian Christmas Traditions

Christmas Celebration in Romania   As I have already wrote, on December 20th, people celebrate “the Ignat Day”, the sacrificial day when the pig is slaughtered. Even if you are poor and you cannot afford a pig,  Romanians should sacrifice another animal. An old belief was that in the night before Ignat, the pig dreams […]

Why you should visit Sighisoara

  Why you should visit Sighisoara   Some might believe that including Sighisoara in a Romanian tour is such a cliché.  Well, if I usually disagree about clichés, when it comes to Sighisoara, I agree to disagree.  There cannot be Romanian tour without Sighisoara! Sighisoara is for Dracula funs, Sighisoara is for people who hate […]

Rin Grand Hotel **** – Accommodation in Bucharest

When I first entered Rin Grand I considered I am in a small town. Shops, restaurants and hundreds of rooms… Rin Grand Hotel is placed across to Vacaresti Lake in the southern side of Bucharest. It offers rooms with large opening windows, safes, LCD TV sets and minibars. Free parking is available. Free Wi-Fi is […]

Horezu Pottery has been included in the UNESCO Heritage

Horezu Pottery has been included in the UNESCO Heritage According to the Romanian National Radio, Horezu Pottery has been included, as of Thursday the 7th of December 2012, in the UNESCO heritage, on the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee, formed of 24 representative countries, reached this decision in […]

Olanesti – Spa

Olanesti – Spa   When I first time went to Olanesti spa resorts, I named it the “town where nothing meaningful happens”  This  place seems astonished away from a crazy world crazy, crazy world…. Only water  flowes rustling, without disturbing the peace around. The people of this town  were calm,  away from horns, howling and […]