New Year 2014 in Sighisoara

New Year 2014 in Sighisoara Hotel Korona **** 30.12.201 3 – ​​4 02.01.201 (3 nights & HB) Located:                 in Sighisoara, the Medieval Citadel – the most beautiful inhabited fortress in South East   Europe.   Equipment:                 40 rooms, Restaurant VIP Saloon, Engine Bar, Conference room, terrace, garden, swimming pool, pool, fitness center, SPA center, shopping area. […]

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Top Places in Romania
Huniadi Castle

Top  Places in Romania I explore recommends We made a top of 10 places to visit in Romania.  This is not an official top, but it is rather our recommendation starting from our subjective point of view. Our preferences is not necessarily in this order and we excluded Bran Castle – a main attraction in […]

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Why you should visit Sighisoara

  Why you should visit Sighisoara   Some might believe that including Sighisoara in a Romanian tour is such a cliché.  Well, if I usually disagree about clichés, when it comes to Sighisoara, I agree to disagree.  There cannot be Romanian tour without Sighisoara! Sighisoara is for Dracula funs, Sighisoara is for people who hate […]

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