What you can do in Bucharest?

Once known as the Paris of East, a reference for the beautiful ateneulmixture of architectural styles, l during latest years Bucharest has become acknowledged as one of the most vibrant cities for the night life lovers, and also a resource for fun and spa relaxation.

Bucharest as Paris of East

The architecture is a beautiful mixture of classical and eclectic French style. Victoriei Avenue and Kisseleff are the most representative streets to understand the reason for which the city is named The Little Paris of East.

Victoriei Avenue is long row of beautiful buildings on which the French architects or at least their influence showed their mastery on imposing edifices like Royal Palace,Cantacusino Palace or Atheneum.

On the other side, the Arch of Triumph and the entire urbanist setting, the intersection with Kisellef Road is for the tourist a reflection of Champs Elysee.

The Palace of Parliament

It is the most grandiose building in Bucharest, actually, being the second largest administrative building in the world, can easily be named as one of the most impressive edifices in the world. Even if most overseas tourists knows it as the Palace of Ceausescu, the truth is that the former communist leader has never reached the point in working or living in this palace

The night life of Bucharest

Bucharest Old City is wildly know for its vibrant night life. Mainly known as Lipscani area, due to the main street, the walking area is full of amazement an joy. There is no taste that the old city can cover: from fine dining, clubs to theatres and street art, the narrow streets of the of Bucharest is the side of enjoyment and place to be to have fan.

You can eat, dance, enjoy beautiful music and relax within the same perimeter.

Where to sleep and eat in Bucharest

There are plenty of accommodation options in Bucharest. Hotels 2-5*, guest hoses, villas and serviced apartments for all tastes and budgets are spread all over the city.

As we mentioned the Old city is the homeland of restaurants and dining out area. Even in small neighbourhood you can fine either lovely restaurants or small take-away shops

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