Romania is about people and things people do

Recently,  while I was on the road  to design one of my tours, I met  a British couple.  I asked them  why do they like Romania. They answered that Romania is about people  and  things people  do, they are different.  At that time, it was not quite clear why we, Romanians,  are different.

Hours latter I met this fellow on a normal public road, in an ordinary day. This is what they meant. We do things differently, we are kind of old fashion in iphone times.



7 Monasteries in one day

Monasteries aroundBucharest


7 monasteries in one day

There is a Romanian belief that says that one has to pray for good luck and the fulfilment of a wish in 7 monasteries in one day! We invite you to commence your good luck, your good fortune, but above all your beautiful day with us by visiting 7 monasteries in one day.


The tour is in and aroundBucharest-


  1. Ghigiu Monastery – guided tour


Prahova county – A convent for nuns, the monastery was built in the year 1817 and it was initially painted by a famous Romanian painter called Gheorghe Tattarescu in 1865. It is said that the monastery has miraculous qualities: many people come to pray here hoping for their wishes to be fulfilled.

The monastery shelters a collection of liturgical art objects. Several workshops have also been accommodated within the monastery grounds.


  1. Snagov Monastery


Situated in Salistea Snagovului, on the shores of LakeSnagovand close to Bucharest, this monks’ convent is very well known for its long history. It was firstly built in the 14th century, then renovated by Wallachian ruler, Vlad Tepes whom many believe to be buried at this monastery. Vlad Tepes is the ruler that Bram Stoker got inspiration from for his fictional character Dracula.

  1. Tiganesti Monastery

Not far from Snagov Monastery, this convent for nuns was built in the 17th century. The monastery derives its name from the owner of the land, Matei Tiganescu. The monastery shelters a collection of liturgical art objects and of old religious books.


Severalworkshops have also been accommodated within the monastery grounds, such as the weaving workshop for manufacturing sacerdotal attire and the embroidery workshop for making priestly vestment ornaments.

  1. Caldarusani Monastery


Situated by a lake in the Gruiu commune, this is a convent for monks. The ruler Matei Basarab founded this monastic establishment in 1638 on the site of a wooden hermitage. A school for church painters was founded here in 1778. The well-known Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu attended this school within the period 1854-1856. Moreover, in 1825, a painting house was also accommodated within the monastery walls.


  1. Balamuci Monastery


Balamuci Monastery, also known as Sitaru or as the locals refer to it, “the monastery in the meadow,” is a convent for monks dedicated to Saint Nicholas. The monastery was founded by Pavel Greceanu, a former Chancellor at the court of the ruler Mihai the Brave, and by his wife Elena in 1627. The monastery is very valuable for its interior frescos, painted by a group of priests fromBrasovCountyin 1752.

  1. Pasarea Monastery


Located on the southern side ofBucharestin thevillageofBranesti, Pasarea Monastery is a convent for nuns. The monastic establishment was founded in 1813. Several workshops have also been accommodated within the monastery grounds, as for instance, the weaving workshop for manufacturing sacerdotal attire and the embroidery workshop for making priestly vestment ornaments (per our request a nun can guide us along the production line).


7. Cernica Monastery


Situated next toLakeCernica, this monastery was mentioned for the first time in historical records in 1608. The cell complex that houses the 84 monks living in the monastery is practically a great fortress, built in the architectural style that is typical of the plains.



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–         The tour takes about 7-8 hours



–         The tour as provided

–         Nun/ monk guide within the monastery

–         English-language guide during trip


Departure point: your hotel


Price depends on number of tourists

I explore…

I explore…

We are the Romanian tour operator who wants to bring new experiences.

Salut (hi)!

I am Corina Stefan and as you are reading this, I may be your guide during your Romanian experience.

My affair with “travel business” started several years ago when, for pleasure, I had my own travel blog. At that time I was a journalist and travel blogging was a consequence of my extensive trips in Romania. My next job in acquisitions involved mainly  hotel and flight bookings, inhouse corporate travel management as a whole. Thus, my “affair “with travel business was transformed into pure love and profession.

At the time I changed this passion into a job, working for my own company, I wanted to offer the possibility to travel in Romania for All travelers, regardless their abilities or disabilities. I start with the last one, accessible tourism. Besides my tourism license and guiding license, I sat Accessible Tourism Courses. My training in this field is continuously developing, I read about it, I discuss with disable travelers about it, I evaluate accommodations to be suitable, I strive for adapted cars to be able to advise what exactly the tourist needs.

In what regards abilities it is my engagement to offer special experiences and to bring a personal touch. In order to do this, you have to know more about me and how we combine my skills and passion into your  trip.

I am creative person, thus if you want an unusual combination tour (for example mountains, citadels, jokes contest and jazz concert in a cave, all gathered together in a 3 days trip) you can rely on me for you most unusual, but pleasant combination.

I am also an active and living a healthy life person. I am a fitness freak;  I ride either motorcycle or bike, on asphalt or dirt road; I trek when I take a break from motorized/”wheeled” sports; I do some stunt kiting. I eat healthy food and, by the way, on rural Romania you can really enjoy healthy and natural vegetables and diaries, you can pick a tomato and sense the taste difference, it is enough to have a bite of ‘telemea” ( cheese) and your mind goes to the shepherd  milking the ship.

Why did I chose to tourism for Romania? I love Romania as a whole: nature, culture, history, people, customs. I adore the forest, the dramatic, but still friendly,  mountains, the Danube Delta and the exotics of it, the wilderness when you are far off the city, the game that green of the forest plays with the blue of the sky or blue melting into blue.  I love that incredible mixture of country between two worlds: Occident and Orient. I admire the “somehow else” castles and citadels of Romania or the churches spread here and there. I  am impressed by Saxon Fortified Churches of Transylvania. I am ancestrally touched by Sarmizegetusa Regia or even by Wooden Churches of Maramures, I find respect to hero leaders fighting for their land wherever I go in Romania and every region has a boyar or prince story.  I respect the simplicity and wisdom of people living in rural side or in the mountains, always keeping amazing stories with them.  I love that during winter it snows, during summer it is sunny. I enjoy the taste of cheese or a portion of “sarmale”, I savor the smell of Tamaioasa Romaneasca wine.  For all these I explore Romania and I invite you into exploration.


Corina Stefan

I explore Romania join me!
I explore Romania. Join me!


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