Fun Labor holiday with I explore
Concert Pestera Valea Cetatii IexploreRomania

Fun Labor holiday   For Labor Holiday, we had a  3 day party with a concert in cave. Actually,  at the time  I organized this I believed that the concert is the main catch of this stay. Actually, everything was fun and we all turned into friends. Bach Aria- Valea Cetatii The  3 days  stay […]

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Music and photography event
Concert in Valea Cetatii cave

Music and photography event As May 1st is a day after the International jazz day I explore organizes a Musical May 1st . We invite you to the concert in Pestera Valea Cetatii (cave)fire camp and mulled wine, and whoever wishes may attend a photography workshop. The concert is performed by Academic Clarinet Quartet and […]

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Traditional Christmas in Bran

Traditional Christmas in Bran Easter and Christmas are very import religious traditions for Romania. There are several things that makes Romanian Christmas special. One of them is pig sacrificial and the preparation of the pork meat. After sacrificial, it comes the time for “alms” to the pig when the fresh meat is prepared by the […]

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