Brasov – gate to Transylvania

Brasov  –  gate to Transylvania When it comes to Romania, most of the tourists associate Romania to Transylvania. Brasov is the closest Transylvanian city, situated at  around 200 km away from the Romanian capital- Bucharest.  The city has always been flourishing, along centuries being a referral of trade and crafts, mainly due to its position, […]

Business and leisure at House of Dracula 4*

Business and leisure at House of Dracula 4* (Poiana Brasov, Brasov County)   In period 01.10 – 30.11.2013, House of Dracula 4* special offer for groups:     Accommodation structure  of Hotel – House of Dracula 4* : 5 single 8 double 3 suite 2 suite Note: 1.  All rooms have single bed, but  double […]

Halloween at House of Dracula

Halloween at House of Dracula   Romania  is mostly known as country of Dracula, even if it does not deserve this name. This time, we are proposing a Halloween Party at “House of Dracula ”  4 * hotel placed in Poiana Brasov. The curiosity of this hotel is that it looks like a proper castle, […]

A Romanian Tour – Imaginary travel

A Romanian Tour Take a Romanian Tour – from Wallachia to Transylvania   When I say Romanian Tour, what do you imagine? “Vampires, the Country of Dracula!”, you will say! Well, I have to disappoint you.  There are no vampires here. If you ever had dreams of having your blood sucked by a vampire woman, […]