UNESCO Heritage in Romania

UNESCO Heritage in Romania    UNESCO Cultural  Heritage Churches of Moldavia (1993) The Church of the Holy Rood, Patrauti The Church of St George of the former Voronet Monastery The Church of the Beheading of St John the Baptist ( Suceava,built by Luca Arbore) The three-apsed Church of St George, formerly the Metropolitan Church of […]

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Top Places in Romania
Huniadi Castle

Top  Places in Romania I explore recommends We made a top of 10 places to visit in Romania.  This is not an official top, but it is rather our recommendation starting from our subjective point of view. Our preferences is not necessarily in this order and we excluded Bran Castle – a main attraction in […]

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Danube Delta

Danube  Delta is second in size in Europe after the Volga delta, with approximately 4180 km2, and but if we consider Razim – Sinoe and Danube estuary, this area extends to approximately 5500 km2 . Delta belongs in a proportion of 82% of Romania, the rest being located in Ukraine.   Delta area is divided into three […]

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