Parties for Bachelors and Bachelorette party

Parties for Bachelors and Bachelorette party   You feel like spending your last weekend of freedom in a new Destination? Why won’t you chose Romania. I believe for many of you Romania sounds exotic. Believe me, by choosing a pre-wedding party in Romania, especially outdoor or country side, you will have an amazing surprise. There […]

Multi-Days off-road motorcycle tours

Multi-Days off-road motorcycle tours 3 / 6  days adventure escape from Bucharest! You will get away from capital. Not too far in kilometers, but still far from all the fuss around it. You will travel early in the morning from Bucharest to Doftana Valley area. We will take care of your transfer.  Get equipped and […]

Rent a helicopter

Rent a helicopter Are you under time pressure or just  want to admire the  landscape? Helicopter transfers offer you all: rapidity, uniqueness of scenery and a sense of luxury.   Helicopter rentals are suitable for all: corporate travel, transfer to remote distances in a very short time, comfort,  entertainment and touristic flights, to reach difficult […]

Standard Tour of Bucharest

Standard Tour of Bucharest   This is a short, but comprehensive tour thought the streets of Bucharest, once named  “Little Paris”.   You will enjoy a tour  on the streets of Bucharest and through its history. The car is driver by a professional drive and you are assisted by an authorized guide. Meeting point : Hotel […]

Music and photography event

Music and photography event As May 1st is a day after the International jazz day I explore organizes a Musical May 1st . We invite you to the concert in Pestera Valea Cetatii (cave)fire camp and mulled wine, and whoever wishes may attend a photography workshop. The concert is performed by Academic Clarinet Quartet and […]


Bucharest. Why a city-break? After highlighting general stuff  and  a brief history, I am going to say a few words about sightseeing places. Roads in Bucharest Calea Victoriei (Victoriei Avenue) Placed in the center of Bucharest-  from Victoriei Palace, meeting Dambovita river on the other end- it is and it has been the greatest attraction […]


 Bucharest. Why a city-break? Back in time As I previously said, the legend behind Bucharest is a shepherd, named Bucur, here comes the name Bucharest (Bucuresti, locally) . Actually, shepherds are legendary figures in Romanian folklore and local legends. Romanian most representative folkloric  poem is “Little sheep” (“Miorita ” in Romanian), the story of three […]