Top Adventures for Solo Travelers

Top 5 Adventures for Solo Travelers Some people prefer to travel solo instead of traveling in groups. They have their reasons and we totally respect them and feel there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking solo missions. If you are willing to travel the world by yourself, you’re obviously going to want to go on some […]

7 Monasteries in one day

7 monasteries in one day There is a Romanian belief that says that one has to pray for good luck and the fulfilment of a wish in 7 monasteries in one day! We invite you to commence your good luck, your good fortune, but above all your beautiful day with us by visiting 7 monasteries […]

Romania is about people and things people do

Recently,  while I was on the road  to design one of my tours, I met  a British couple.  I asked them  why do they like Romania. They answered that Romania is about people  and  things people  do, they are different.  At that time, it was not quite clear why we, Romanians,  are different. Hours latter […]